The future is here.  Applications are now controlling hardware functions to deliver analytics and automation at global scale.


3rd Platform Network Fabric with SDN Controller | Enterprise Automation of Scale-out Apps
Why deploy a conventional (Platform 2) network for 3rd Platform computing workloads? In return, you get a fixed framework that does not solve the East-West traffic problem, hard to scale, and constrains the application.

Solve the East-West traffic problem at scale with a Plexxi fabric. Introduce agility into your data center by allowing the application to shape and optimize the network to meet workflow demands.

You want an application controlled, policy-driven fabric with elastic bandwidth that scales capacity linearly to meet the demands of scale-out applications for analytics and infrastructure.  No more fixed configurations with delicate setups, no more spine switches, no more ECMP randomness – just simple, scalable, dense, and valued.


Cloud Storage
Gain access to any amount of your data from anywhere and anytime with built-in data protection and charge/show-back reporting. No more siloed storage, no more SPOF, no more operational complexity – just easy to deploy, operate, and scale worldwide.


All-Flash Storage
Stop starving and start feeding database and virtual server/desktop applications with high-performance storage with over 400,000 IOPS at less than the cost of spinning disk.


Malware Prevention and Packet Capture Forensics
Fully understand malware behaviors to prevent a breach and fully address exploits no matter how blended the attack may be – rapidly go back in time to uncover exact behaviors using a “DVR” approach (rewind, fast forward, pause) to forensics.

Social Analytics
Measure social signals, sentiment, and reach of any trending topic for disaster response, social unrest prevention and more.

Secure Mobile Voice, Text & Data 
Hardware encryption for smartphones on any carrier resulting in significant roaming cost reduction.

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